Gracie Jiujitsu

Competitive Fighting, Sport Jiujitsu, Self Defense, or just keeping fit What ever your desire for grappling is, the Renzo Gracie Acadmey of Jiujitsu in Coeur D'Alene can help you meet your goals. Whether it be for MMA and competitive fighting, competing in grappling tournaments, having the skillset to protect yourself or just having fun on the mats, Jiujitsu can provide it all for you.

We offer several programs to meet every goal.

Fundamentals Program

The Fundamentals Program is designed around the core techniques that every Jiujitsu practitioner should know. Students will engage in movement exercises and positional study to better understand the theories behind the mechanics of the techniques. All students are encouraged to ask questions to improve their overall understanding of the techniques, positions, and develop their own style of using them. All students from white to black belt are encouraged to attend.

Advanced Jiujitsu Program

The Advanced Program gives students the opportunity to get more in-depth into the techniques of Jiujitsu. Students will explore variations of techniques through a series of changing positions and transitions. Students will also get an extensive look at modern Jiujitsu techniques and less common situations. Blue belt and above are allowed in this class.

NoGi Jiujitsu

The NoGi Program will be offered in both the Fundamentals and Advanced Classes. With less grips, the NoGi approach explores different approaches to control and submissions and variances on techniques taught in the Gi.

Kids and Teens Jiujitsu

Develop Confidence and Discipline

In our Kids Program, children will develop the skills and knowledge of Jiujitsu in a safe and fun learning environment. They will learn how to take falls safely, basics of movement, body mechanics and positional study. Through the practice of these skills, children will develop a strong sense of discipline to help build their confidence.

Bully Proof

Self defense is a core concept of Jiujitsu and children will have the knowledge and the tools to protect themselves and defuse situations. We utilize a wide variety of skills from knowledge and awareness to verbal and nonviolent physical de-escalation techniques and ultimately techniques that allow them to protect themselves and disengage from the situation.

Focus for ADHD

Jiujitsu has proven to be one of the most effective ways in helping children and adults find focus and concentration. The physical exercises and techniques of Jiujitsu forces the individual to be aware of so many details about their body, their movement, their partner's reactions, and overall positional situation. This constant exposure to the techniques sharpens the mind's ability to focus and concentrate beyond the mat and more.

Teens Jiujitsu

Teens aged 16 and above are encouraged to train in our Adults Program.

Women Only Jiujitsu

Jiujitsu is for everyone. Originally Jiujitsu was developed by Carlos Gracie to empower the smaller and weaker individual with knowledge and techniques to defend themselves against much larger and stronger aggressors. Although we encourage women to train in the regular Adults Program alongside men, we do recognize a special need for women only to train together and focus on different aspects of their training.

The Women's class will not allow spectators unless previously consented by the instructor. This class will remove distractions for women to focus on the class.

Private Lessons

What to improve your game? Need to have options that work for you in certain scenarios? Want to learn that new technique everyone's talking about? Or you just want to drill down into the finer details of some techniques and positions? Then a private lesson may be just the answer you are looking for. Our instructors have years of of experience in grappling and have already ran into the obstacles you are trying to solve now.

Private lessons help you to focus only on what you need to work on and get you results much quicker than trial and error on your own. Plus with the high level insights and details from our instructors, you will connect the dots on your own much quicker and be able to employ the techniques with a higher percentage rate than before.

A private lesson can be held with just you and the instructor, you and a partner, or even in a small group.

Semi-Private, Specialized and Corporate Training

Professional fighters, MMA, cage fighters looking to improve your ground game or sharpen those skills, we can help. Our Instructors have extensive professional fight experience and can develop specific curriculums for your fight camp.

We can provide training for executives, law enforcement professionals, security professionals, medical professionals and first responders either on site or at our facility for your class with your desired area of focus.