Gym Etiquette

  • Be respectful to the Instructors

    Don't talk or chat with your friends while the instructor is presenting a technique or answering someone else's question.

    Train to the best of your ability.

    Attend classes regularly.

    If late to class, always go up to the lead instructor to shake their hand to let them know you are joining. If there are other Black Belts on the mat, shake their hands too before joining in with the training.

  • Be respectful to your training partners

    Don't talk constantly while drilling. This takes time and attention away from learning and drilling the techniques. We only drill for a limited amount of time and your partner or you might not get a chance to practice the technique.

    Practice good personal hygiene. Jiujitsu is a close contact art.

    Don't train with a dirty and smelly Gi.

    Keep your finger nails and toe nails short and trimmed

    You have the right to decline a roll with any training partner.

  • Know your limits

    If you are sick, do not come to train and get everyone else sick. Stay home and rest.

    If you are injured, do not try something that can aggravate or worsen your injury. Stay home and rest when needed.

    Take breaks if you need them.

  • Have an open mind

    Leave your ego at the door and try the techniques as they are taught.

    Ask questions!

  • The most important person on the mat is your training partner

    Accidents can happen, but be mindful of the safety of your training partners. Apply submission techniques carefully and watch for the tap. Release immediately on the tap.

    Keep hurting your training partners and you won't have any training partners left.

  • Be mindful of a crowded mat.

    When you are rolling and two or more groups are about to roll on top of each other the lower rank groups must move away and allow the higher ranks to continue.

    It's perfectly fine to stop, move to a clear space, and continue or reset.

  • Keep the Academy clean

    All students share the responsibility of keeping the academy clean for each other. Clean up after yourself.

    When able, help clean around the academy.

    A clean academy is a safe academy.

  • No bare feet in the bathrooms

    Wear shoes or slippers at all times on any hard surfaces in the academy except on the mats, especially in the bathrooms.

    No shoes allowed on the mats.

  • Do Not Abuse Knowledge of Martial Arts

    Bullying is never tolerated. We teach martial arts for self defense and the enjoyment of training.

For Parents and Guests

  • Please keep the noise level down

    When conversations happen in a crowded place, it's very common to talk louder so your company can hear you without you even knowing you are speaking louder. This however causes the entire noise level in the gym to go up and makes it harder for students to hear their instructor and coaches. We need to keep the noise level down to ensure a safe environment for the students while on the mat

  • No coaching from the sidelines

    Please no coaching during drills or rolls. Our instructors and coaches have many years of experience and are keeping a watchful eye on all students. While we respect that you may have experience in our martial art or expectations for your child, we are working something specific details with the students.

    If you are trying to coach, you are adding to the noise level where the students may not be able to hear their instructors and coaches. This will only confuse the students

  • No Negative Outbursts

    Please no yelling of negative comments to the students. They do not need to hear "Why you mess that up?", "How could you lose to that person?", or other negative comments/negative coaching.

    We will ask you to leave if we are hearing this. Our students will get a strong and supportive environment to build their own strength and confidence.

  • No gathering by the side of the mats

    Please do not come up to the side of the mats during instruction or sparring. Dynamic movements have a wide range of motion and the students, instructors, and coaches need all the space available to keep everyone safe while training.

  • Please be supportive of your student

    You are more than welcomed to give your students advice or words of encouragement during breaks. We want you to be involved with their training and growth.

    Please ask us questions. We're always available to answer questions and happy to take feedback and suggestions.